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Home is not a place. Home is a feeling

The web-site of the architectural bureau should reflect the unique approach to each project, attention to detail and almost a half-century history. 







Type of Work


Web Design

We start with analyzing the websites of existing Russian and international companies, specializing in low-rise development. In most cases we see that the complexity of the menu distracts from the main subject – houses, architectural and design solutions. So, we decide we make it as simple as we can.


We then go through the images of the houses’ exteriors and interiors, presented by the client. The new web-site should not only demonstrate Palkki’s realized projects but create a sense of a future home where every detail is taken into account.

After that we define the structure of the future website and get an approval. The accent is placed on the houses’ projects and interiors, the process of production and key advantages of Palkki – the use of eco-materials, the quality of building process and unique architectural solutions.


Finally, we formulate the tasks. Almost half a century history of the company traces back the development of architecture and design in Finnland, and becomes Palkki’s quality symbol. Therefore we decide to describe not just the company’s recent projects, but to show the history of its establishment and development.

For the main page of the web-site we have animated the image of one of Palkki’s projects so that the viewer can see how the lights on the upper floor of Kittila house turn on – the symbol of a cosy and warm family home. Then we make the menu simple and intuitively comprehensible.  

We design the pages inside the menu with special attention to the photographs of Palkki’s houses exteriors and interiors.

Сделали скролл для панорамного фото, чтобы передать единение домов компании Palkki с окружающей природой. 

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