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About me

I am Multidisciplinary Designer and Art Director.

Among the areas I work in are: graphics and identity, products and packaging, websites and digital experiences, advertising and communications.

Tatyana Kyul

but you can call me Tanya

My last name means "cool" in Sweden, 23andme says that I have Scandinavian roots but somehow I was born in Russia.

A Little Book of Japanese Contentments advises everybody to practice "forest bathing" and to have a “dignified” hobby. So as an impressionable person I chose brush pen calligraphy and shakuhachi (traditional bamboo flute) as my dignified hobbies. Also I do rock climbing, love surfing, running and other fun and stupid activities.

I am passionate about design and constantly expanding the scope of my knowledge. Thanks to this, I work with a wide range of clients, find their unique needs and focus on quality and usability of the result.

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